My name is Thomas Roberts, I am a Games Programmer and Designer with a first class BSc Honors in Computer Gameplay Design and Production.

It has been my ambition to design and create games since a young age. I believe it is the perfect amalgamation of logic and creativity in media, providing fun like no other type of art.  

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I have a lot of experience in the Unity games engine and some in Unreal Engine 3; having made or been part of making eleven games in Unity, two being large simulators for training use, two UDK games and several involving using cutting edge technology, all which are playable or have video demonstrations.

Programming is my main forte, having used C# extensively in Unity for projects large and small as well as integrating and creating some C++ dll’s.

Core Design is another one of my strong areas, as I have worked as a designer in many of my projects, from doing documentation to working as team to come up with ideas.

Please explore my portfolio, which shows all the relevant work I have done. I hope it attracts you to what I could offer in terms of developing games. Enjoy.


A Game Programming and Design Portfolio